I am sure most of you have been following what occured these past few months, whether political elections, referendums or terror attacks.

What do these different topics have in common?

Does anyone know?

The common denominator if we can say it that way is FEAR: fear of others, fear of belonging to a group we don´t feel we belong to, fear of threats, and fear to connect!

We live in a global world where CONNECTION is key to be successful in either business, studies or politics and being afraid of others or of the unknown is a handicap to the growth of globalisation and INTERCONNECTDNESS. We need to be able to move away from what the media is showing us, media has a strong influence on how information is shared, if we look at what happened in the US elections, what happened with the UK referendum, a lot was linked with the media, how the media portrayed the country and its citizens and immigrants. The dialogue about immigration, terrorism or foreign policies is not the point of this blog post, the point of this blog post is that we need to CONNECT more on a Human Level and try to reduce fear from our day to day lives.

There are many things that shape who we are: such as culture, our education, how our parents raised us and taught us about others, our education, our travels and the organisational culture we know from our company. All these influences shape how we see others and how we deal with them.

In the workshop “Cultural Consciousness” that I lead at Be-a-Chameleon Global Consulting, we analyse and break down these influences to understand their impact on how we see the world and how we connect with others. Understanding where our biases, perceptions and fear come from will help in enabling a new world view and enabling individuals and companies to CONNECT in a more grounded and equal way if that makes sense.

We need to Build Bridges between each other and not walls that are a barrier to business and globalisation. During the workshop we use tools and exercises such as constellations and reflections that will help you identify and reduce biases and help you go beyond those and be ready to connect with others and succeed in the global arena.

It is really time to prepare for our children´s future ! Do we want them to live in a world ruled by fear? Ruled by bias and racism? Ruled by misunderstandings and walls being brought up to people who are different from us? I don´t think this is what we want, so why don´t we all make a change? Why don´t we all contribute to make it a better and more connected future for our children?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope that together we can make a difference and foster connectivity.