Hi all,

We all have woken up with the sad news that the British public has voted to leave the European Union. We have to respect the public’s vote even if we disagree with it and trust that the UK has a prosperous future ahead !

Now, I am a European citizen and have been living in the UK, London for the last 8 years ! I know that I will not be told to leave London or get outed from the UK, and I trust there will be a plan to make me feel safe and welcomed in this country.

It will all take time to get in place and of course economically it will be a tough time for the UK but if we can, as Europeans living in the UK and being granted the right to stay we want to help in shaping the UKs future ! Whether it is within or out of the European Union.

In these last year I have been able to buy and live in a beautiful flat, I have been given work, paid my taxes, contributed to the economy and have earned the trust of my employers which enables me to build my reputation and I am positive that the good work and relationships will continue.

So I understand frustrations, but we need to put ourselves in the British people’s shoes and understand that there are things which do not work for them by being part of the European Union and that’s fine, we need to accept it, because we live here we have been given the privilege to excel and have work and meet amazing people with whom we have built relationships and this will remain ! We just need to all make sure, Europeans but also British that power hungry politicians do not impose their agendas to move forward but listen to what the people want and focus on unity, respect and peace.

So yes, I am very sad about the UK leaving the EU but everything happens for a reason and I am positive that as a resident since the last 8 years I will still be welcomed to remain here, and if not then I will leave with a great experience of having lived in an amazing country.

Thank you Britain for the fantastic years and hopefully there will be more to come !

Sincerely yours,