Intercultural Solutions

Equip your managers and staff with cultural consciousness and the ability to succeed in today’s global world.

Working and living across cultures is challenging and can result in misunderstandings and poor communication which is why we offer a wide range of services that can help you adapt and integrate better in your new environment:

Country Specific Sessions

Where you will learn about how to best integrate into your new country: the day to day life but also the working culture to make sure that as an expat you can find your foot as soon as possible and feel ready to start your global journey. The countries we prepare you for are France, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Family Support

Many expatriations fail due to family situations, sometimes the spouse of an expatriate will struggle with their adaptation and integration into the new country, let us help your family adjust to their new life, give some guidance and support so that they can feel comfortable in their new environment.


It has been proven that coming back from an assignment can cause reverse culture shock meaning it is as difficult to reintegrate our home as it is to move somewhere else. We can help you and your family readjust to your home country.

Cultural Consciousness

Is a cultural awareness workshop where we focus on how to best learn about other cultures: what are the potential challenges you may face and how to best minimize those to ensure a more positive communication and collaboration with your global counterparts.

Our sessions are available in the following formats:

One On One


Group Sessions

Online Training & Coaching

Our sessions can be delivered in the following languages:





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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”
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